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Team 5D's is also joined by a mysterious amnesiac mechanic named Bruno, who teaches Yusei about the secrets of "Accel Synchro" that allows him to bring out an improved version of his Stardust Dragon.The WRGP soon begins, with Team 5D's facing tough opponents before eventually confronting the Emperors themselves, who are revealed to be three different incarnations of Aporia, a cyborg sent from the future to destroy New Domino City to prevent a great calamity from befalling mankind in the future.Leo awakens his dormant powers and becomes the sixth and final Signer bearing the mark of the heart during his Battle Royal Duel with Jack and Luna against Aporia.When the Signers finally duel with Z-one, Yliaster's leader, Yusei borrows his friends' dragons to add them to his deck, and challenges Z-one to a final duel to decide New Domino City's future.On June 1, 2009, Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's started airing 5 days a week on Cartoon Network. Yusei Fudo, an aspiring duelist from Satellite, builds his own Duel Runner, but his best friend Jack Atlas betrays him and steals his vehicle along with his most precious monster, Stardust Dragon.Two years later, Yusei builds another one and travels to the city to sets out to win back his Dragon.A few months pass after the Signers' victory over Yliaster, and the former members of Team 5D's move on with their lives following separate paths.

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In Germany, however, the dub stopped using the 4Kids version and began adapting the show directly from Japan from episode 65 onward for unknown reasons.

Although Team 5D's defeats Aporia and wins the WRGP, a massive citadel known as the Ark Cradle appears and threatens to crash into New Domino City. Before reaching the core of the fortress, they confront Sherry, who is promised to have her parents returned to her.

Bruno recovers his memories and is revealed to be Antinomy, another member of Yliaster.

Goodwin also reveals that Jack and Yusei, along with child Duelist Luna and Psychic Duelist Akiza are descendants of them and are destined to face the Dark Signers, duelists resurrected to serve the evil Earthbound Immortals.

The Signers head to the Satellite to face these foes who consist of: Roman (Goodwin's brother, a former Signer with the Dragon head mark and leader of the Dark Signers), Kalin (a former friend of Yusei, Jack and their friend Crow Hogan), Devack (the one who stole the Ancient Fairy Dragon card until Luna, with Leo's help, won it from him), Misty Tredwell (a model who blamed Akiza for the death of her brother Toby, until she discovered Sayer, Akiza's former friend and leader of a psychic duelist organization, was the true culprit), Greiger (who blamed Goodwin for his village's disappearance until he discovered the Dark Signers were responsible), and briefly Carly (a blogger with feelings for Jack).

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