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Her mother Hanako had taught her how to play imposing discipline ...

See full summary » Director: Jun'ichi Ishikawa The show revolves around Rakugo, a traditional Japanese comedy that can look back on a 400 year long history.

As a child, he resented the yearly trek up the mountain with his father to...

See full summary » Director: Daisaku Kimura The lives of four art students change forever when gifted young artist Hagumi arrives at their school and befriends their group as each student experiences turbulence in love.

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Template: Multiple issues Mamoru Fujisawa (藤澤 守, Fujisawa Mamoru, born December 6, 1950), known professionally as Joe Hisaishi (久石 譲, Hisaishi Jō), is a composer and musical director known for over 100 film scores and solo albums dating back to 1981.

The body of Emily is found by the four classmates with whom she was playing. See full summary » Stars: Hazuki Kimura, Manatsu Kimura, Kyôko Koizumi, Asumi Kikuchi A 21-year-old girl is released from prison, only to deal with the neighborhood gossip about her and family conflicts.

She decides to save one million yen, move to where no one knows her and keep repeating the process.

Instead, Mizuki is wondering what took him so long. Director: Kiyoshi Kurosawa On April, 6th 2005, in Makurazi, Kagoshima, Makiko Uchida seeks a boat in the local fishing cooperative to take her to the latitude N30, longitude L128, where the largest, heaviest and most...

See full summary » Director: Jun'ya Satô Tawako's boyfriend is not her kind, but she puts up with it in exchange for shelter.

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