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This year alone, Ramo has represented indie darling “Call Me By Your Name,” worked on Netflix Inc.’s NFLX, 1.82% docuseries “Chef’s Table,” and has racked up 33 IMDb film and TV credits, including for Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.’s LGF.

A, 0.51% Tupac biopic “All Eyez on Me.” “We’ve already had to remove known executive producers and producers.

“We’re really being very specific about it.” Ramo, who sits on the committee for UCLA’s Entertainment Law Symposium, said some of her clients have asked her to explore the possibility of contracts that would give them the legal right to terminate contracts for accusations of sexual misconduct, though that is a fight that would be hard to win, she said.

Hollywood agents are unlikely to support such stipulations being placed on their clients and Ramo is wary of creating an environment of presumed guilt. It’s creating a dialogue, and creating an intolerance of something that people should have been intolerant of from the beginning,” Ramo said.

“The problem is, in the motion picture industry sometimes you have an actor, or someone in the crew, who’s completely at the mercy of those in power.

“There should be contractual provisions with some sort of financial liability to hold perpetrators to account.

Ramo recently worked with Scott Tepper, a 45-year veteran of labor law, for an investigation into a situation that led to the firing of one person from one of her productions.

“We’re the ones dictating the tone of conduct and context and terms between people on a movie set, which is empowering.

“This community is really sort of shell-shocked by what happened with Harvey Weinstein, and the way we govern ourselves.” For the independent studios that Ramo does most of her business with, there is no association they can turn to for standards on how to operate.

Ramo Law PC congratulates its 2018 Sundance client premieres, “An Evening with Beverly Luff Lin,” “Burden,” “Clara’s Ghost,” “Damsel,” “Hearts Beat Loud,” “Lizzie,” “Monsters and Men,” “The Kindergarten Teacher,” “What They Had,” “White Fang,” “Dinner Party,” “White Rabbit,” and “Paint”. At the time, many of her filmmaker and producer friends were making low-budget, digital films.

Also at that time, Universal Pictures’ backlot made available a few trailers for officing independent, up-and-coming producers. Time is up on tolerating discrimination, assault and abuses of power in the workplace for women everywhere.

We were in The Hollywood Reporter because Andy Dick got fired from one of our sets for groping women,” Ramo said.

“We have morality provisions in our actor and distributor contracts, but now we’re talking about a very customizable situation where it would go so far as an accusation of sexual misconduct alone really giving us contractual rights to modify the contract.

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