Portland herpes dating

Thankfully, if you are lucky enough to live in Portland, you at least have a fairly progressive population of people to choose from.Portland is a friendly city filled with people who aren’t very judgmental at all.If you have herpes or other STDs, you can meet other singles and friends who have went through the same problem in your city.

I’ve started dating this guy and he’s the first person I’ve been with since the guy whom I contracted HSV from.

I was exposed a month ago, showed symptoms right away and got tested.

I have been doing a ton of research (and freaking out) and other than caffiene I have been trying to go alkaline and am al...

I have been around the H dating scene for years, in fact I started the first real H dating site, called free H dating page.

If you are living with Genital Herpes (HSV1) (HSV2), Human papillomavirus (HPV), HIV/AIDS, Chlamydia, Hepatitis, Ghonorrea, Thrush or another STD you have found a great community to network and socialize.

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