Phudi mari saika ki

Almost all the Papers, more especially the longer Linguistical Essays, have been reprinted from coines revised and annotated by the author himself, who has earned a fresh and lasting title to the gratitude of all students of Indian glossology and ethnology by allowing the rare and valuable Papers comprised in these volumes to be made generally available. Lastly, the Papers, hero reproduced in a more complete form,' on the Pre-eminence of the Vernaculars have lost none ( of their significance even at the present moment, as the frequent reference made to them by the I’ross shows the abiding vitality of the subject. LONDON : TRUBNEll & CO., 57 ani11 AND LONDON MISCELLANEOUS ESSAYS RELATING TO INDIAN SUBJECTS. OK CALletion of tile re-issue will, it is hoped, be sure of as cordial a welcome. materials having since come to light concerning the tribes and languages there treated of. Nl’AL SOfl KI Y AND TIIK SOCI6 t 6 ASIATKil'i:; MBMlir U OK TIIK ASIATIC Sii Cl KIIE'. the same value and interest attach at the present day as were accorded to them when they were published for the first time, hardly any fresh vi PREFACE. [“Essay on (lie Kocch, B6cl6, and Dhim&l Tfihes Calcutta f 18^7.] t Part I. — ^Their Origin, Location, Numbers, Creed,' Customs, Character, and Condition, with a General Description op the Climate they Dwell in . A., I’rofcssor of Arabic in the University of Cambritlgc. ORIENTAL RELIGIONS IN THEIR RELATION TO UNIVERSAL RELIGION. Translated from the Tibetan into (Serman, with Introductions, by Anton SCHIEFNEK. Bvars English rendering of the (h.inese version ; #16 tliirteeii above-named aervcrted its teaching, and so inverted its leading principle that a religion wliose founder denied a God, now worships that founder as a god himself.*’- Hcottinian.

phudi mari saika ki-59

Mcaiihcr of the Hoinhay Asiatic Society, Jiodeii l’of JSanskrit in the University of Oxford.

Further d^ails liave also bccfi given regarding the contents of the Nasks. A., Professor of Cliinese, Uiiiveisity College, London. Translated from the San.skrit into Verse by R.v 1.1*11 T.

Some additions have been made to the Tliird Essay, with the view of bringing together, from other sources, all the author’s translations from tlie Avesta, except those portions of the Gathas which he did not include in the First Edition, and which it would he hazardous for an Editor to revise.

Translated from the Original Chiiies L; with Introduction, Index, &c. Translated from the Persian into English V'erse By E.

D., Author of “ China’s Place in Philology,” “ Religion in China,” &c., &c TRir By ER'S ORIENTAL SERIES. BUDDHIST BECOBDS OF THE WESTERN WORLD, li EING TIJK 8I-YU-KI r Y HYEX TIISANG.

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