Periodontologia clinica carranza online dating

Microbiologic tests to identify putative pathogens for periodontal disease have the potential to support the diagnosis of the various forms of the periodontal diseases, to serve as indicators of disease initiation and progression, and to determine which periodontal sites are at higher risk for active destruction.

It has been estimated that less than half of the bacterial species present in the oral cavity can be cultivated using anaerobic microbiological methods and that there are likely 500–700 common oral species.

Limited resources and availability of diagnostic tests for dental diseases in developing countries have led to the use of inadequate treatment modalities.

Hence, there is a need for developing a simple and more practical method as an aid in diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases.

After obtaining the approval permission from the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee of Centro Escolar University, the 6 Balb/c mice of 6–8weeks old, were used as hosts for the production of the antibody.

Agar plates which contained a mixture of BHI agar, blood agar base and beef extraction were used for the culture of P. The microorganism was obtained from the vials of pure culture of lyophilized P.

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