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The stem ends in a consonant, or in the *close vowels i and u. The stems are divided according to their last letter, called the stem-characteristic, following the subdivisions of the letters of the alphabet : I.

Also Acheront L In the case of all except Anxur, Tibur, Acherfins, the regular form is more common. forms of common nouns are found : herl, ltlcl, noctu (prin- cipally in early Latin), orbl (Cic), peregrl (early Latin), praefiscini (early Latin), rflrl, temperl (the usual form in early Latin), vesperl.

Those in which the stem characteristic is preceded by a vowel : 1.

Form the Nominative without 8 and fall into two divisions* : A.

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Mute stems, Lacedaemon I, at Lacedaemon, Sicyon I, Troezen I, Anxurl, Tlburl.

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Neuters are : pelagus, sea ; virus, venom ; vulgus, the rabble (some- times masculine).

5), distaff (also m.) ; humus, ground ; vaanus, wheat-fan.

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