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These editorial articles were mostly written by men, usually by Friedrich Radszuweit, Paul Weber or Bruno Balz.Even articles on the activity of the association or about current political developments were, almost without exception, written by men.Women's groups related to the Bund für Menschenrecht and Die Freundin offered a culture of readings, performances, and discussions, which was an alternative to the culture of bars.This magazine was usually critical of women for what they viewed as "attending only to pleasure", with a 1929 article urging women "Don't go to your entertainments while thousands of our sisters mourn their lives in gloomy despair." Die Freundin, along with other gay and lesbian periodicals, was shut down by the Nazis after they came to power in 1933.In 1927, the editors changed the structure of the magazine in order to motivate the readers to participate actively.

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Readers of Die Freundin were, above all, professional modern women who lived independently.The publisher explicitly deemed this a substitute to Die Freundin and saw the editions of 1929 as a continuation, giving it the subtitle Freundin as a reference.From July 1929 Die Freundin resumed its production.How this overwhelming presence of male voices in a magazine for lesbian women was seen by these women, whether editors or authors, was not spoken about.Probably the most famous regular author was Ruth Margarete Roellig.

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