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Have been looking around for highly addictive entertaining card game? We are glad to introduce you the new sparkling online Solitaire Champ card game, which is traditional Solitaire wrapped up in the most innovative features and the best design ideas you can find on the gaming space.

The main idea of the game is Socializing while playing.The same goes for other Solitaire Champ players, you meet randomly during the game. There are more than 20 million of active players worldwide, and we are growing.In order to manage your friends' circles in Solitaire Champ, you can create and edit your friend lists, add or remove friends from there and also upgrade your profile with personal data and more.At the start of the game you have almost all of your card faces down in the tableau area, they lay in seven files with only top cards faces up.Here on the tableau you can pick the cards and send them directly to the foundations if they fit, or move them between the piles. You can build piles on the tableaus only in descending order keeping alternate colors.

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