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Payment must be made for every day or part thereof that the car is left in the car park - daily rates are £4.00.

The car parks are a one mile flat walk along the valley floor.

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Dinakshie's mother has produced films that were directed by her father.

Rangers will not take/ collect any kit or equipment to/ from the campsite, so please do not ask them to do so as they will have to refuse.

Capacity for the campsite is 20 small tents, and the barn can sleep up to 35 (limited by fire regulations).

Cars are not permitted to the campsite, but can be left in the car parks (which are located at the Park entrance, a one mile walk from the campsite) for the duration of your visit.

Her first major acting role came 2009 in the tele drama version of Upul Shantha Sannasgala’s renowned romantic novel Wassana Sihinaya.

The teledrama was produced and directed by Janaka Siriwardana and Kavindya Jayasekara penned the script.

In 2008 she started co-presenting the Channel C music chat show C Vibez with her sister Sheshadrie.

This show is seen as a stepping stone for new artists who are trying to break into the music and arts world.

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