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A very pretty set of underwater pictures for the true purveyors of Scubalisciousness ! Wearing what appears to be a very popular Cressi full face mask, a one piece swimsuit and vintage white bathing cap, this highly athletic young Aquawoman poses underwater for y'all in a way so totally unique just to her ! Once again, the combination of super underwater model and reasonably talented u/w photographer ;-) have provided us with an abundance of beautiful new and unique underwater pictures to bring all of our scuba enthusiastic members, plus those of Mermaid Porchia too, of course ! Back to those nostalgic old 'Sea Hunt' days for the theme of this set once again as we know there are those amongst you who can't seem to get enough of this. If anyone seeks confirmation of just how good a beautiful young Aquawoman looks, when wearing a simple white T-Shirt whilst scuba diving - then just take a look at our Totally Scubaliscious Mermaid Elise, inside ! Still a rubber suit but, perhaps a more attractive rubber diving suit, this one is from the ever fantastic Oceanline range and worn by our Scubaliscious Mermaid Elise as she, once more, shows us why she is one of the most competent and beautiful underwater models on the web ! An amazingly beautiful girl, wearing an amazing smooth, black neoprene, Spetton, hooded wetsuit jacket, whilst underwater and 'playing to the camera' as she breathes from a surface demand rig ! And, as usual with this AMAZING young Aquawoman - we have lots more ! Her last Gallery was really popular and so, tonight, our very own 'Zale Parry' (aka Mermaid Elise), dons her vintage, female, smooth skin, neoprene, Beavertail wetsuit jacket, a true vintage oval mask, a vintage Siebe Gorman Merlin Mk Vl twin-hose reg and her obligatory white vintage Bathing Cap, which happens to be a genuine US Howland from the 1950's - and submerges underwater, once again, for y'all. Completing her 'outfit', on this occasion, she is wearing a clear Mantis full face mask which she described as really comfortable and a great experience ! And now, with Fall just around the corner, we thought it was time to bring a little bright and cheerful 'spark ' back to y'all once again. Who on earth selects a very sexy set of black Lingerie and panty hose to wear whilst scuba diving ? We have to go all the way back to January 2013 to when we actually shot this wonderful set of pictures and it was just two months later when we brought you the first part of the two sensational Galleries. All I can add is that there were so many good pix once again, we have an equal number waiting for you for later ! And of course, not forgetting that sexy little white US Royal bathing cap, that the producers used so often to disguise the fact that the Dive Girl you saw underwater was more often than not Zale Parry, as opposed to whoever may have been starring on the surface ! Who else brings you such high quality imagery of stunning young Aquawomen wearing and using vintage twin hose scuba gear, UNDERWATER, on a regular basis ? In no time at all she was completely "at home" under the water and once more delivered far too many picture opportunities for just a single gallery ! It's the return of our 'drop dead gorgeous' Mermaid Hayley, once more, beautifully tanned and eager to show y'all once again just how easy it is to look So Good in scuba gear, underwater ! You're already voting away again ;-) It seems there are those amongst our scuba fans who just can't get enough of our beautiful young Aquawomen, wearing a simple bikini and a vintage twin hose diving reg. Normally, being underwater in a 'fish net' would be a Mermaid's greatest fear !

I wonder, is it just me or does anyone else feel that Image 31 looks just a teensy bit like the beautiful Angelina Jolie, wearing a bathing cap ? But only if you're a member of, of course ! A modern mask and fins, along with a more vintage single hose reg., completes her gear selection for this gallery of new and unique underwater images that we're sure will be one that her many fans, the world over, will enjoy. It's our totally Scubaliscious Mermaid Porchia, wearing one of her real favourite items of dive gear ......... This time she brings you yet another wonderful image collection of the kind only seems able to replicate ;-) PLUS a few you perhaps imagined and would have given anything to have seen all those years ago ! Over the years we have been here, so many of y'all have kindly told us how much you enjoy us bringing back so many of those early 'Sea Hunt' picture memories for you - but in modern, high quality, colour, underwater imagery. This one takes us back to around the late sixties maybe, when more girls were starting to discard their bathing caps and let their hair flow freely in the water as they started to take up 'skin diving' and ventured into the deep, looking .......well, looking really quite something ! The Aquawomen category is "Scuba Fantasies" and I'll leave it to Subby to tell y'all that, back in the day, the first ever "Scuba Fantasy" for many a young Aquaphile just had to be one of the most Scubaliscious female divers of all - and surprisingly at the time not many people even knew who she was as, so often, she played the female diver disguised by her white bathing cap whilst 'doubling' for other female actresses in programmes like 'Sea Hunt', 'Flipper' and 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea'. It's been a while since we brought you Part One of this scenario and so now perhaps is a good time to bring you Part Two ? From our point of view it is also a wonderful piece of kit, allowing us to bring you lovely clear images of her amazing deep blue eyes ! It's our smouldering, sultry Diving Diva Mermaid Hayley, once again, wearing . Why, it's our Divine, Coquettish Mermaid Kiki of course ! You seemed to like them then and I'm pretty sure you 'Scuba Buffs' are gonna love these too ? Those high cut, high necked, black rubber swimsuits always seem to go down so well amongst our 'Mermaids in Scuba' fans and so, whilst we had our delectable Mermaid Porchia with us last, wearing our newest 'Oceanline' addition to this section of our 'wardrobe', it seemed so silly to miss the opportunity of getting her to put on a single tank, a pretty pink single hose reg, plus mask and fins for y'all on that side of our little club, to enjoy ! ;-) And so, climb aboard the Aquawomen Time Machine once more as we dive back to Florida during the late 1950's ! There's forty super new and unique pictures this time around, with another thirty or so more to follow AND for a clue what to expect next time, just check out Image 38 ! And when they look like our scintillating and Scubalicious Mermaid Porchia in this set of underwater pictures, it's not too difficult to understand why ! Who on earth would take a simply stunning, internationally renowned glamour model and dress her in a figure hugging black latex catsuit, a pink 1990's scuba mask, a pair of modern pink and black training fins and a real old vintage Voit Little Swimaster single hose reg - and then expect it to all look so good, when posing for pictures, underwater ? It's our adorable Mermaid Hayley, looking fantastic and - if ever you might grow weary of looking at these pictures..........there's more ! However, on this occasion, our most accomplished Dive Mistress simply revels in it !

Having had the pleasure of trying out this mask myself on the reef off of Islamorada recently, I have say that I absolutely LOVE it ! Hey - can it really be that it was way back in early January last that we posted the first part of this Image Gallery ? includes one of my very favourite old La Sprirotechnique Aquilon single hose regs that still 'breathes' underwater so perfectly, even though it's probably more than 60 years old ? It was around three months back, when we posted a super video clip of tonight's scenario featuring our Devine Mermaid Kiki wearing a very vintage La Sprirotechnique Aquilon single hose reg, in beautiful full working order. And so, without more ado, please enjoy this gorgeous young Aquawoman, once again wearing a delightfully colourful bikini, along with a very vintage Nemrod twin-hose reg. Tonight, we go back more to a period of say around the late 60's/early 70's, where polka dots and halter neck one piece swimsuits were 'en vogue' and girls were (sadly for some) starting to disregard their head hugging, rubber Bathing Caps. There's not really much more that I can add from what we have told you about this scenario previously, except to invite you to enjoy yet another wonderful, thirty two new and unique underwater images, in the kind of quality and style that only ever seem to be able to offer you. I must tell you how the title came about though - when we were putting the Gallery together and ready to upload to our server, one of our team just happened to catch a glimpse of one of the images - and then he selected another - and then another . Today, for example, it's the hoses on her super vintage Aqualung diving regulator ! Yes, it's our scintillating scuba-diving sisters - Mermaids Ellis and Porchia, both wearing different styles of sexy female neoprene, along with vintage single hose regs and a general mis match of gear that, on two such beautiful girls, just seems to always work ? On this occasion she and we got so fed up with her scuba mask keeping on misting up, we just threw her down another one and she changed over ! It's our newest and most Exquisite Mermaid Ellis, along with her simply Paradisal sister - Mermaid Porchia, bringing you a superb selection of new and unique underwater pictures to help recollect those nostalgic bygone days. AND I wouldn't mind betting there's even someone out there who might not be the world's greatest scuba fan but, who just LOVES the swimsuits ? Growing in confidence as the underwater shoot progressed, it's our elegant new Mermaid Ellis, wearing a vintage shortie beavertail jacket that we haven't featured for a while, plus our cute little micro single hose reg and a nice modern, wide view, 'Reefwear' Mask. ;-) Take this same styling and make it out of black neoprene rubber and what do you have an amazing Oceanline one piece swimsuit that just oozes Scubalisciousness all over the place ! That kinda thing is no problem at all for us here at Aquawomen, of course, because we have all sorts of Neoprene goodies, vintage and new. Mind you, as they are both those gorgeous 'Cressi Fire' neoprene rubber swimsuits, we were sure y'all wouldn't have minded ! This one's for you Subby plus all of our many other 'Scubie Doos' who love the sight of a Beautiful Sexy Mermaid, underwater, on scuba ! As you will quickly see, this super set of underwater pictures only features two of these masks and so, for those who like this theme, there are many more still to come ! We feel that it would be such a shame if you missed them and so, particularly for all of our scuba fans, we're bringing one of these sets to y'all tonight and it's a nice big one of Forty Images ! It's been a while since we pulled this piece of equipment out of our props wardrobe / dive locker - and it may well appeal to those of you who love to see our girls wearing full face masks ? It's a scenario that many of you can't seem to get enough of and so please, just sit back and enjoy ! ;-) A super slinky smooth black neoprene hooded wetsuit jacket, oval mask a vintage single hose reg and super great big fins - how more 'Scubaliscious' could you possibly get ? Hey Guys and Gals, not that we feel we have to apologise for bringing you such wonderful underwater images every week but, I wanted to explain why it is only our delectable Mermaids Porchia and Elise 'carrying the flag' for us at the moment. On a brighter note, I'm so pleased to be able to update for you tonight, as I hoped and I thought I would do something a little different. Here's a little scenario that went down well when we last brought it to you featuring our delectable Mermaid Hayley, This time it is our beautiful Mermaid Porchia who dons that really sexy smooth black neoprene S200 style swimsuit, along with a snug fitting matching neoprene hood, for some underwater fun in front of the Aquawomen cameras, just for you ! There's no way we could waste such a wonderful set of pictures, that I just know many of our scuba fans are really gonna like and so, please just sit back and let Christmas continue ! Definitely something for all of those who love to see beautiful, extremely competent female divers, clad in smooth black neoprene and totally submerged underwater.

Happy Holidays, once more, for those of you still enjoying them ! Well, clothed scuba fans, along with those who love to see panty hose being worn underwater also, need wait no longer. A gorgeous vintage Scuba Babe wearing a fabulous, smooth, black neoprene, shortie wetsuit, a vintage Siebe Gorman twin-hose regulator and a "Cinemascope" Nemrod Max Vue mask that shows everyone those beautiful bright eyes so clearly. ( I'm sure Subby will have the answers on that one for us ;-) Please enjoy guys, as usual we have lots more !! But to make this set a little more unusual she is also wearing a true traditional Japanese AMA Diver's mask along with a very un traditional Ama Divers swimming attire . Fishnets are usually the kind of objects that the average mermaid would stay well away from BUT, of course - our amazing Mermaid Elise is FAR from what you might ever describe as "the average Mermaid." Just take a look at this set of beautiful underwater pictures to confirm this, yet again, for yourselves. plus a classic design clear oval mask and bright yellow fins ! Once more giving us such a delightful headache of having so many wonderful underwater pictures to choose from, it's our so naturally beautiful Mermaid Porchia, going "dotty" for vintage scuba ! When viewing all of these pictures, prior to post producing and making into a Gallery for y'all, one of the guys in the studio came up with this wonderful title for the set. " Over at, they've only managed to put two of the most Amazing, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Blonde Underwater Models together for a truly fantastic photoshoot !!!!!!!!! and all he could say each time was "WOW" ;-) And so, as y'all have probably gathered, when it comes to looking totally awesome and some, whilst diving with whatever gear is thrown at her it just has to be our Sensational Diving Diva - Mermaid Elise ! ;-) Looking sooooo good in the recent Image Gallery, along with her sister, we felt sure y'all would love the opportunity to see her in this same wonderful vintage Scuba Girl outfit once again ? As often the case there are so many wonderful images to choose from, we have split them into two super large Galleries for you. For all purveyors of tasteful vintage scuba erotica, what could be better than a beautiful young Aquawoman, dressed in an original 1950's one piece bathing suit, an oval dive mask and other vintage scuba equipment, whilst posing naturally under the water, just for you ? ;-) It's our Perfect Pairing of Diving Divas, namely Mermaids Elise and Kiki, once more raising the temperature of the water by a few degrees as we bring you yet another collection of stunning unique underwater pictures in a quality that we dare others to try and match ? Most especially when worn by our own Unique and Utterly Gorgeous Mermaid Elise ! But even more important than that, of course, we have the stunning underwater models who sure know how to wear it too ! As poor Mermaid Elise found out - don't mess with Mermaid Kiki ! or even 60,386,473.43 Rubles - depending where you are, of course ! And they don't come much more Sexy than this Mermaid !!!!! It's our Devine Mermaid Kiki once again, wearing, er .. And so, please welcome back and enjoy our Scubaliscious Sultry Siren - Mermaid Amber, dressed in a way that I know many of y'all will LOVE ! It's our delightfully coquettish Mermaid Porchia, wearing a vintage AGA FFM from the mid 1970's, a mask she describes as being one of the most comfortable she has ever worn - and she has worn a few ! don't worry, we did shoot Kiki in that T-shirt for you Smurfie ! Reason being that, the weather, flood and transport situation has been so bad here recently that we have had to cancel four successive underwater shoots which, as you can imagine, has given us all real headaches. It's hard to believe that we have to go back to those balmy, warm summer days in July last, that we first saw our very own Diving Diva, Mermaid Elise, wearing just her new smooth black neoprene Spetton 'Long Johns', on their own, underwater. We have lots of super unused 'Spare Air' pictures and also lots of super unused 'Aquabelle' pictures, all featuring our sensational Diving Queen - Mermaid Elise! This difference this time, which we are sure you will immediately notice and perhaps further enjoy, is that Porchia wears no scuba mask or goggles, nor does she have any air supply. Here's a lovely set of pictures to accompany the video that we posted back on the 30th November for y'all. After all, we have at least another eight days left, don't we ? ( Oh, BTW, you may wish to prepare yourself in advance for one or two of these pictures subby, Number 36 springs to mind ? And, like all highly competent female divers, our stunning Mermaid Elise thought it best not to venture under the water alone, without carrying just a little Spare Air with her !

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

We are the premier retailer for Vintage Fabric Trimmings in America. Many of our stock is original trims from the 1950s and 1960s, produced in the era that their syle represents.

And they demonstrate certain underwater skills for you here that definitely are not being taught in any dive courses! It's always nice to show off new outfits to y'all and, I think it fair to say that no-one else out there comes anywhere near close to our 'amazing' wardrobe and collection of dive gear ?

Words kindly provided by Subby - Oh and if you like this set, we have over another 30 or so images to share with you later some time later . Along with Cressi, we feel that Camaro always come up with lovely, sexy, neoprene creations for we girls and so, tonight, we're really pleased to bring you a beautiful gallery of underwater images featuring our most alluring Mermaid Hayley, stunningly attired in the latest Camaro smooth 'soft touch' black neoprene shortie swimsuit. Of all the swimsuits we have, this one certainly has to be one of my special favorites.

So, tonight, we take great pleasure in bringing you our highly seductive Mermaid Porchia wearing a super, figure hugging, high tech Tyr racing swimsuit, combined with a combination of modern and vintage scuba. ;-) Mind you, our Scubaliscious Mermaids Elise and Hayley must be helping that somewhat, huh ? She's highly 'scubaliscious' alright, she's our Oh So Sophisticated and Scintillatingly Sexy Mermaid Hayley - looking Sub aquatically, Secretarialy Stupendous ! The theory is simple: for greater safety, the diver is taught to stay close to her dive partner at all times during the dive.

third - she's wearing an original 1960's US Royal chin strapped Bathing Cap and finally, of course, she's Underwater ! Hoping y'all are 'simply having a wonderful Christmas time' ? When you take 130 underwater pictures in a relatively short period of time and can only really find fault in 4 of them it gives you a heck of a good feeling and - it also says a hell of a lot about the outstanding underwater model ! Our stunning Mermaid Elise is and always as been a truly OUTSTANDING underwater model !! Following on from the video clip posted back in July and looking very much like a young Brigitte Bardot in the 1952 movie "Manina, la Fille Sans Voile", we take great pleasure in bringing you a very pretty underwater image gallery featuring our simply delightful Mermaid Porchia wearing just a very cute Body Glove bikini bottom and very little else. A set of super images, shot a couple of years ago, when our Devine Mermaid Kiki tried out a twin-hose reg for the very first time - and sitting patiently waiting all of that time since. Gosh, I can't believe it was almost two years ago when we last brought you underwater imagery of our Devine Mermaid Kiki in her super slinky, smooth, black neoprene, Spetton, beavertail wetsuit jacket plus an Ocean Reef 'Raptor' Full Face Mask. Vintage scuba scenarios have always been popular with so many of our members over the years and we sure love shooting them for y'all. I find myself running out of adjectives to describe how totally 'Scubaliscious' this highly talented young underwater model really is and so all I will say is - please enjoy ! Whilst waiting for a re-arranged underwater shoot with our stunning Mermaid Porchia, we are delighted to bring you Part 2 of a super Gallery that we shot with her at the beginning of the year and that we showed you the first part of, back in April. A shiny, black, extremely high cut, Japanese swimsuit and a selection of semi modern scuba equipment adorns our sensational Scuba Goddess for you today guys. It could only ever be our Amazing Mermaid Elise, of course, bringing you a totally superb set of thirty eight new and unique underwater images as she portrays our simply 'drop dead gorgeous' Easter 'Scuba' Bunny Girl, wearing a super white Sub Gear 'Ghost' dive mask, along with a fantastic old Aqualung 'Aqua Master' twin-hose regulator..andnot a lot else ! Here is a little something to make some of y'all smile ? In direct response to the many requests we received for some more two girl underwater action we sought to even out the scuba v non-scuba balance with this 'dainty' little scenario for y'all. And, as usual with this 'so talented' young Aquawoman, we have another thirty or so images here - in waiting for y'all ! That one certainly got all of our 'regulars' talking and so, let's see what y'all think of Part Two ? Without more ado please enjoy Mermaid Amber "Skin Diving" once more, just for you ! We always like to try and help out if we can and so, armed with no less than five different vintage oval dive masks, it could only really be none other than our own Divine Diving Daredevil - Mermaid Elise to take up the challenge and jump straight into the crystal clear Aquawomen pool, whereupon her heavy weight belt pulled her straight down to the bottom ! Please have a wonderful, peaceful, family time everyone ! A vintage twin hose Siebe Gorman regulator, an oval scuba mask and a super little bikini of her own .. It's vintage bikini scuba, the beautiful young Mermaid is far from vintage, the images are amazing - it can only be Posted 22nd March 2014. Was it really as long ago as last November when we saw this gorgeous young Aquawoman bring you Part One of this scubaliscious scenario ? ;-) Sorry guys and gals, we had intended to post this set a few of days ago but we suddenly had this great big storm and lost power and internet - for days !!

Thirty Two new, original, unique and beautiful underwater pictures for you to enjoy - and this is only Part One ! And to help that along the way it's my pleasure to bring you another great big gallery of FIFTY beautiful, unique, underwater pictures featuring our Devine Mermaid Kiki wearing a truly authentic Ama Divers face mask, along with a very vintage La Sprirotechnique Aquilon single hose reg. Even breaking this scenario up into three parts still gives y'all over 40 pictures a time and so - let's start right away with something we know many of you love to see - Mask flooding, removal and refitting whilst completely underwater ! Apart from some equally quaint vintage scuba gear that is, which I have to say .. The first part was sooo good that 'scubasmurf' felt he needed to post several times just to tell us ! "When you're swimming - for Aquawomen Be sure to wear some flowers on your hair ! v=7I0vk Ky504U It's back to the Swinging 60's, the days of 'Flower Power', Peace, Love, Woodstock, The Isle of Wight Festival with Jimi Hendrix (OK that was 1970 really but it was all the same era ;-) AND, of course, the time when beautiful girls wore an array of pretty, flowery, strapless bathing caps when swimming .... It's our gorgeous Mermaid Helena, portraying this wonderful retro period in aquatic history, wearing an original Esther Williams one piece, halter neck swimsuit, in a vivid cerise colour, plus an oval dive mask and a wonderful old Siebe Gorman Merlin Mk. Oh and a cute little rubbery, pink, flowery swim cap, of course ! And so, please enjoy this very pleasant underwater scenario, once again, featuring lots of super close ups and wider shots of this sensational young Aquawoman just LOVIN' all that she does for y'all - underwater ! In fact, to quote Carly Simon, we're often told "Nobody Does It Better " ? And, if you do, we have lots more from the same shoot ! It features our gorgeous young Aquawoman wearing that vintage Spartan neoprene swimsuit that so many of you love and remember fondly. This is most certainly one for all of our twin hose scuba fans out there ! Has anyone else noticed how so many things about our gorgeous Mermaid Porchia seem to come in pairs ? As it's Scubaliscious time again I hope we can make up for it a little by bringing you not just one Delectable Diving Diva but, on this occasion - two ! It is of course our truly beautiful and quite unique Mermaid Elise, of course, simply doing what she does absolutely the best ! Well, the category is 'Scuba Fantasies' and I'm for betting there's quite a few 'Scubaphiles' out there who couldn't think of a better 'Scuba Fantasy' than the underwater scenario we're bringing y'all today ? Well, many of you having been waiting patiently to see our latest gorgeous young Aquawoman underwater on scuba and so I'm pleased to tell you that your wait is now over ! The black, one piece S2000 swimsuit is a classic in the eyes of perhaps many a slightly more 'mature' Aquaphile ? This one is for all of you Scuba fans who just love to see beautiful girls wearing Neoprene ? Have fun everyone and please, at this special time of year, let's all try and have a Peaceful, Kind and Happy Easter together. Just take a look at what happened when two of our Scubaliscious young Aquawomen turned up for an party wearing the same swimsuits !! The answer to the third of those questions is YES, of course ! Oceanline deserve such credit, in my opinion, for bringing us so many wonderful neoprene swimsuit and wetsuit designs, over such a long time and so it really is our pleasure to bring you Thirty more super pictures of one of their classic 'hydrauit style' rubber swimsuits worn by an equally stylish gorgeous young Aquawoman - Mermaid Porchia ! Using just a long air hose connected to a vintage Dacor second stage - and very little else ;-), she then proceeded to flood, remove and replace each one of them, in front of the camera, for your pleasure. One of the super things about looking back through Images of our gorgeous and very special Aquawomen, over the last Eight years, was that we actually found a few super sets of pictures that we had never actually posted for you !!!!! plus, that wicked little Spirotechnique speargun, of course ! When thinking of your ideal fantasy female scuba diver do you perhaps imagine her - 1. Definitely one for our Scuba fans to enjoy, rounding off a fabulous weekend of typical style of unique underwater imagery ! I tell you something - there's a hellaovalot of water around here just now and despite what you may think, it's not so good for we Mermaids as it is cold and dirty, but other poor folks really are having even a far worse time. - I actually ended up wearing one of our many drysuits yesterday, to go out in !! Not to worry, we still managed to have a great time with family and friends and so hope you did too ?

In this set, two of most gorgeous Mermaids can be seen beautifully checking each others equipment while theyre submerged!

Mermaids Elise and Hayley do very beautifully indeed maintain their positions as the dive buddies in this photoset, and clearly demonstrate for us that they both REALLY do have more than one way to get each others attention.

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