Dating stages 7 months

This may be especially true for babies who were very small at birth.

Once your child reaches school age, it will be important for you to work closely with his teacher and other school staff to identify any areas of concern.

But babies can reach these stages in different ways and at different times.

This is especially true if they were born prematurely.

You might notice the first signs that indicate whether he'll be left- or right-handed. He might start to show interest in learning how to use a toilet.

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He quickly picks up new words from the books you read aloud to him and from hearing everyday conversations. By looking at the difference between them, you can adjust her calendar age to account for her prematurity and calculate her corrected age.During the first 2 years, using her corrected age will give you a better idea when she should reach common developmental goals.​The information below shows how young children typically develop.Having a baby—whether it’s your first child or your fourth—is so exciting! If your baby was born more than three weeks early, you may have more questions about your baby—and how he or she will grow—than a parent whose baby was born on time.The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) lists important milestones—or achievements—in a child’s growth, so you know what to watch for at each age.

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