Dating and halloween

Paint on a phrase like "Poison Apples for Sale."What you'll need: Create a creepy graveyard gate out of a metal garden arbor flanked by foam-kickboard gravestones.

A DIY friendly ghost plus a skulking store-bought skeleton cat, skeleton arms, and rubber bats complete the scene. Sketch lower portion of ghost body onto white foam-core (it should be about 2' to 3' tall); cut out with utility knife.2.

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Duct-tape loop of monofilament at top for hanging.3.If desired, cut out wide strips of felt long enough to wrap around the sewn part of broom bristles; glue on strips; let set.Glue a length of orange ribbon to the center of each black strip; let set.3.Place 2 cauldrons on each side of the stairs; add stones inside to weigh down.4.Carve a hole the size of a broom handle into each foam block; place blocks inside cauldrons and push broom handles into the foam until secure. Pull batting apart; arrange around top of the cauldron, letting pieces spill over. Trace mice with *this template and a mouse hole with *this template onto black construction paper; cut out.

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