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for details on how to safely submit missed suspicious files that entered an organization via mail attachments or URLs in mail, how to report suspected phishing sites and much more.

Spam Symantec defines spam as unsolicited bulk email (includes unsolicited commercial email).

Symantec mail security (Messaging Gateway, Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange, Message Gateway for Service providers and similar) has missed spam, newsletter, or marketing messages or generated a false positive which needs to be submitted to Symantec Security Response Center for examination.

Cloud or ATP Email who believe they have encountered a False Positive from the Cynic component, please see Email Anti-Malware.

Symantec s support offerings include the following: A range of support options that give you the flexibility to select the right amount of service for any size organization Telephone and/or web-based support that provides rapid response and up-to-the-minute information Upgrade assurance that delivers automatic software upgrades protection Global support purchased on a regional business hours or 24 hours a day, 7 days a week basis Premium service offerings that include Account Management Services For information about Symantec s support offerings, you can visit our web site at the following URL: All support services will be delivered in accordance with your support agreement and the then-current enterprise technical support policy.

The Technical Support group also creates content for our online Knowledge Base.

Cloud and Advanced Threat Protection Email (ATP) False Negative, False Positive and Request For More Information Process.)Please see the Connect article Symantec Insider Tip: Successful Submissions!

Más detalles Guía de instalación rápida TEW-638APB 3.01 Table of Contents Español 1 1.

To access more information about enterprise services, please visit our web site at the following URL: Select your country or language from the site index.

Symantec Brightmail Gateway provides a solution that integrates security, IM security, and premium data loss prevention capabilities in one appliance.


During the initial setup, the installation wizard prompts you to choose the function that each appliance will perform.

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