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The Rubicon features higher fenders to accommodate the larger 33-inch tires. Internally dubbed the JL, this is the first all-new Wrangler since 2007.

This was previously a common aftermarket modification on the last generation Wrangler. A bona-fide SUV with body-on-frame construction and live axles front and rear, the Wrangler is in a class of two.

It’s also winch compatible straight from the factory which is a huge bonus for those taking their Jeeps into technical terrain where recovery is an essential component.

In a world of soft, aerodynamic curves and tall family station wagons masquerading as SUVs, the Wrangler stands apart.

Consumer Reports will likely tell you that the Wrangler does not handle safely, that the steering is vague, and that the cabin is noisy and uncomfortable.That’s thanks to Jeep’s chief designer Mark Allen, who’s taken it upon himself to ensure the DNA of the Wrangler—dating all the way back to World War Two—remains present in this new model.Compared to the outgoing JK generation, you’ll notice a more prominent flat hood, which is reminiscent of the old CJ models that were around from the 1940s through the 1980s.You’ll also notice the aerodynamic kink on the grill looks much like the one on the YJ models (1986-1995). The windshield is more sloped than ever before, improving aerodynamics, and subsequently both fuel economy and noise levels. Then there are details like the Rubicon’s fenders, which make room for aftermarket 35-inch tires, and will save enthusiasts thousands of dollars as a result.That windshield now folds down with the removal of only four bolts and five minutes of your time. Or the hood latches, which have been designed to retain a winch’s remote cable.

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